Year One of Growing Our Design Studio. How To Get Work & Make Business Connections – Live AMA

What was it like getting work and starting your first business as design student after you graduated? The first year of running a design business. How To Get Clients.

Chris talks about his first year running Blind. Then he'll takes questions.


01:34 How did we get work during the first year of running Blind? It was a network of former classmates, friends, and a lucky placement on the Adobe After Effects
02:59 Problems starting a creative design company in 1995
03:40 Make spec work that looks like work
05:10 How we got projects initially (lead magnets)
08:37 Be discoverable by people who are looking for quality work (Behance, Dribble)
11:35 The connections you make and the impressions that you make on people can help you in business
14:10 Learning & Building Skills while you work
17:40 The power of networking and quality work
20:19 Q: What is your research process when solving a business problem (such as customer interviews)?
21:15 Q: What are the Differences between student portfolio and professional work.
23:23 Q: What's the most important aspect of creating a graphic design agency's design process.
26:55 Q: What is an outline of a business proposal?
29:55 Q: How do you grow your business and get bigger clients?
34:00 Learn the fundamentals and change your mindset
36:38 Q: How do you recommend building your network/design, team?
39:52 Q: What are potential clients looking for in a case study?
43:42 Q: Most people need a brand identity, website, and social media marketing
46:15 Q: How do you gauge a client's budget, and how much they can afford?
48:18 Q: How do you overcome client objections to your agency size?
54:02 Q: What criteria would you keep in mind in creating a spec project to attract certain clients?
56:00 Q: When does it make sense to expand service options in a creative business?
59:00 Q: What do you value most in your business?
1:01:20 Q: What's the best way to ask for an internship?
1:03:36 Q: Is is better to build one solid relationship or branch out?
1:07:03 Q: What is your vision for the futur?
1:11:38 Q: What is the most important thing that you know now about the design industry, that you know now?
1:13:50 Q: What do you find that illustrators are missing when it comes to business?
1:15:50 Q: What would you recommend to a designer that lacks the design fundamentals?

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Igor Kovalik
Inside/Out then later on Beast

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