Sales Strategy & Why You Shouldn’t Pitch w/ Elay Cohen | How To Get More Sales

How do I get more sales without pitching during meetings? Need more clients? Be curious about your clients, their challenges, and problems. Solve bigger problems and elevate your value. What problem are you solving? It's time to re-evaluate your sales strategy.

Ask the best questions. Be curious. Be empathetic. Resist the urge to pitch.

Elay Cohen is the Co-founder & CEO @SalesHood, a SaaS Sales Enablement platform | Author | Former Senior Vice President, Sales Productivity at Salesforce from $500M to $3B in revenue | Recognized by Marc Benioff as Salesforce's “2011 Executive of the Year” | Created Partner Relationship Management category and profitable product line at Salesforce | Lives in San Francisco


01:54 Q: What advice do you have for people who want to be better at sales?
03:10 Be Curious: The best salespeople ask the best questions.
04:38 Discovery: What is the real problem that you are trying to solve.
05:13 Q: What are examples of low-level questions and high-level questions?
06:00 Anchor yourself around a core problem to solve
07:25 Q: How do you qualify a prospect without being too salesy?
09:12 Q: How do I recognize when I'm pitching instead of being open?
10:22 After you go to a meeting, send your client a summary recap with follow-up questions
11:08 Buy yourself time, and create a thoughtful response
11:55 Be prepared: On the second meeting, have your agenda and prepare your presentation for feedback.
14:40 Sales professionals are not as extroverted as people think. The best salespeople are creative, thoughtful communicators and problem solvers.
16:05 Check for Realignment and do not make assumptions about what the goals and expectations are.
17:59 Q: What are some of the big problems that you solve?
18:45 Roleplay – Discovering the real solutions beyond tactics, bells, and whistles.
22:11 Q: How did you learn to become so charismatic?
25:00 Q: How would you reapproach a potential client who is not ready to work with you right away?
25:25 Q: What is a compelling event?
26:45 What happens if you lose a pitch, deal or project?
28:08 Q: How do ask a lot of questions while still looking like an expert? – Discovery Fatigue
28:59 Q: How do you handle a client that is indecisive and doesn't know what they want?
30:22 The philosophy is being open to solve bigger problems and build deeper relationships.
32:03 Ask clarifying questions
33:44 Q: What are some of the ways that people screw up a pitch?
36:35 How to reset the room in the meeting
38:30 Steve Jobs once said that people don't know what they want – what is your take on that?
40:18 If you can solve a problem that keeps clients up at night, that's valuable.
41:00 Explain the context of the questions you are asking
42:08 Are there any books or resources that have helped you?
44:04 How can I argue with the client on the budget without knowing all they will need?
48:39 What is the future of sales going to be?

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