How did they make the 99 Cents Only Stores’ Stop-Motion Animation Commercial TV Spots

Brand strategy and design consultancy, Blind, assigns their creative team and film crew to take on 99 Cents Only Stores' latest commercial spot. Stop-motion animation takes center stage as creative director Matthew Encina walks us through the filming process.

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The concept? 99 Cents Only gives their customers instant joy with fun and affordable products. Blind breathes life into these inanimate objects with stop-motion animation, creating a lively and playful experience for the viewer and reminding them of the delight they receive from 99 Cents Only Stores.

0:05 The Setup
0:21 Storyboarding
1:03 Styleframes
3:36 What is a Line Producer?
3:59 Meet the rest of the crew!
4:30 Filming the animation
6:33 Shooting film with a jib arm mounted camera
8:05 The Story
9:15 Editing
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Snapshot Credits:
Executive Producer– Chris Do
Host– Matthew Encina
Director– Matthew Encina
Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Andrew Truong
Editor– Jon Pham
Show Open– Minhye Cho
Annotations– Isaiah Nwukor
SEO— Jacob Campbell

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