Who's Behind Site Build Studio

My name is Glenton Samuels but you can call me Glen, I'm a full-time internet entrepreneur, web designer and founder of Covenant Media, LLC. I make a living from my own websites iHipHopMusic (Formerly
HipHopMusicDotCom.com), Vlogger (Formerly ComeWatchMe.com & MusicVideoCast.com), VideoGamePlayer.tv, Mixtape.tv and a few other sites. I also build websites for other people as well and through doing this I've learned many things such as internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, some programming among other things. Site Build Studio provides tips to bloggers and webmasters to help them improve their websites and make them more profitable.

Where I'm From

I was born in Jamaica, I came to the US in 2000 at the age of 17 and it wasn't by choice. Basically I was heading no where good anytime fast in Jamaica; crime, violence, guns – you name I was apart of it. I'm not gonna give a whole life story but basically my life turned around for the better once I came to the United Sites – so long story short I was a bad kid that made good! That being said I'm Jamaican through and through and very very proud of it.

Why Site Build Studio?

Through running these different sites I've learned so many things, more than I can explain. This is what led to the birth of Site Builder Tips, a blog that offers blogging, website building, and marketing tips as well as tools and services. Plus I provide real life examples of successful and not so successful projects.

There isn't a shortage of sites that teach you how to improve your website but I really feel that I can bring some fresh stuff to this space, I'm not a self proclaimed guru, I don't like internet marketers, and I'm not apart of the whole corny make money online scene – but I'm one of the few that's really making money out here doing this thing and in many different industries.

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My Company

I'm the founder of Covenant Media, LLC. The goal of the company is to build popular websites and applications and then make them profitable.


  • Great site - I'm a big fan of all your websites. You've built an impressive business. I came to the About page looking for Site Builder Tips' twitter feed. I'm glad I found it, but I thought I'd let you know I had a bit of trouble doing so. Also - I dig the new logo on mixtapes.tv. Although the old one (with the tape and the tv) was really cool, it did take a second to decipher. The new one is much more straightforward. Keep grinding.
    • Thanks for checking out the website, the Twitter link was at the top of the page though the icons are a bit dull. Honestly I've neglecting this site because I'm busy with so many other projects but one I've streamlined everything, this site will be getting allot more attention. I feel like it will one my most valuable web properties because of the information it provides.
  • Just found your site today and I'm so grateful for all the awesome info you are sharing. I've only been able to spend a hour or two on your site but have learned so much. I'm trying to launch a few websites and your guidance has really helped. Thank you and I look forward to more.